Being a great photographer is not about having an expensive camera or the newest gadgets... it's about connecting with people and capture their story



Hey, I’m Edoardo. Nice to meet you!

I am a professional photographer, based in

the western part of Mexico and shooting

all over the world. 

I’m certainly not a very conventional photographer and to tell you the truth,

I LOVE IT! I have more than 15 pairs of converse shoes in all types of colors, I love pizza and I enjoy backpacking around the world. I’m convinced that art is for the crazy ones, the ones with a free spirit and those who believe that beauty comes from the soul. And that is what I try to print into my photos, the beauty of freedom, happiness and love!

Life’s too short to be taking boring pics!

Trabajar con Eduardo es una experiencia diferente a lo que cualquier otro fotógrafo que conozco pueda ofrecer. Desde un inicio te hace sentir la confianza ...

Edoardo gracias por vivir con nosotros  ese momento especial de nuestras vidas . Hiciste que todo fuera natural , que fluyera , sentirnos cómodos ...

Elegir a Edoardo como nuestro fotógrafo fue la decisión más fácil de todas las

que tuvimos que tomar al planear

nuestra boda...

If my wedding is outside of Mexico, would you be able to travel to my venue?

Of course! I love destination weddings! I enjoy discovering new places and telling love stories in amazing locations. I’ve had a lot of experience in weddings from all over the world and it’s amazing to capture the beauty of different cultures and traditions. 


Wanna take me to your


I’m a very cool and easy going guy, I promise! 

Fluent in spanish, english

and french. 

I can travel anywhere in the world.

I love connecting with all kinds of people

I’m a passionate visual storyteller

I see each destination as an

adventure waiting to happen.

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I would love to hear from you! 

Edoardo Briseño Photography |  info@edoardobriseno.com

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